Modern Inventory Management: QR Codes + NFC + Mobile Technology

10 Reasons To Use QR Inventory For Asset And Inventory Management

barcode, qr code scanning for inventory management, asset tracking

Track Out-Of-The-Office Assets And Inventory Using QR Code Scanning

Track assets and inventory on site in real time using regular smartphone (running iOS or Android) and QR code scanning. Data are sent to a secure cloud and are immediately accessible to all authorized users.
barcode, qr code scanning for inventory management, asset tracking

Connected Cloud-Mobile Inventory & Asset System

Keep your data in a secure cloud and make sure nothing is misplaced or lost. Your employees can access real time asset and inventory information from anywhere, on the computer or mobile device.
barcode, qr code scanning for inventory management, asset tracking

Your Scanner Is Always With You

No need to carry around bulk inventory management hardware, such as barcode scanners and mobile computers. Your employees always have the scanner in their pocket to collect or look up necessary information.

Define on the Web, Track On the Phone

Create custom mobile forms via the web interface, and your employees will be able to fill them out on their smartphones when processing asset and inventory transactions. Include anything that you need to know: project, job number, client, item conditions, due date, etc.

Save Money On Purchasing Inventory Management Hardware

No need to spend money on purchasing extra hardware and on consultants to connect it to your network. Collected data are sent to the cloud via cellular or wi-fi connection, or stored on the phone and submitted later if connection is not available at the moment.

Use QR Codes, Barcodes Or NFC Tags

Use what is convenient for you - QR Inventory software supports QR codes, barcodes and NFC tags. Use existing barcodes / QR codes, or generate and print QR code labels for your assets and inventory using built-in tool.

Fit For Your Business

Easily adjust QR Inventory software to your business. Define what do you want to track, record and report via easy to use web interface. Create custom fields, transaction types and properties that fit your workflow.

Track Assets, Inventory Between Multiple Locations

Inventory and assets that need to be tracked are not always located in the warehouse. In many cases inventory and assets are moving between warehouses, remote job sites, service vans, employees and / or customers. QR Inventory software has this situation under control! Employees can easily record assets and inventory transfer in the field with one scan of QR code, barcode or NFC tag. Updated information is immediately available to all authorized devices.
Using QR Inventory software you will always know where your assets are, how did they get there, and check inventory stock and locations from anywhere.

Easy Setup, Initial Stock Counting

Initial asset tagging, inventory labeling and data entry can be a long and painful process. Not with QR Inventory!
QR Inventory software has multiple built-in options for generating, downloading, laying out and printing QR code labels that will work for any situation. You can scan in assets and take inventory stock while labeling items.
Are some of your assets or inventory items already labeled with manufacturer's barcode? You can use existing UPC barcodes as well - no need for re-labeling.

Flexible Hosting Options, Customizations, Integration.

Even though QR Inventory software covers a lot of bases and is far ahead of the competition, we do realize that every business is unique. We are ready to work with you to customize QR Inventory should you need any modifications to fit your specific situation and needs. This can also include integration with your ERP / accounting system.
QR Inventory is an online hosted solution, but if you prefer to host QR Inventory on your network - no problems. Of course, you can also host on our servers specifically designed for this type of applications and serviced by qualified personnel, the choice is yours.


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