Modern Inventory Management: QR Codes + NFC + Mobile Technology

Mobile Asset Tracking With Real Time Data Access

Access all information on your mobile assets in real time by scanning QR code label with a smartphone.

With QR Inventory mobile application you can track assets anywhere using smartphones for QR code / barcode scanning, data entry and look up. All team members have an up-to-the-minute access to the required information, on the mobile devices in the field and on the computers in the office.

Data collected in the field using mobile devices or entered via the web interface are submitted to a centralized cloud location in real time, and immediately become available to all authorized users.

Field employees just need to scan a QR code or barcode label with a smartphone to access:

  • detailed item information and specs
  • inventory stock in all locations
  • recent inventory transactions
  • recent maintenance and service history of an asset
  • mobile forms with part of the information pre-filled in the office

Employees in the office have an access to the real time reports on:

  • Inventory stock in all locations
  • Assets and inventory allocations by project, job number or construction site
  • Equipment location
  • Who is using company assets (tools, equipment), for what project, and what is available in the warehouse
  • Detailed history of inventory and assets transactions
  • Filled out forms
  • Equipment service and maintenance records
  • and more...

All reports can be filtered by multiple parameters, producing the exact information you need.

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