Tracking Work In Progress With A Smartphone

Tracking Work In Progress (WIP) And Assemblies For Custom Manufacturing

Track work in progress and assemblies building on the shop floor using a smartphone for barcode / QR code scanning and filling out mobile forms.
For custom manufacturing, every project consists of creating multi-level assemblies out of parts, raw materials and sub-assemblies. As you put an assembly together, you need to track parts and materials that were used, as well as the status and progress of the project. QR Inventory allows you to manage inventory and track work in progress efficiently in real time. Employees use mobile devices (smartphones or tablets) as barcode scanners and mobile computers to track and document each step of the production process: used inventory, lot numbers, what was done and production details. As they scan in parts and materials to be added to the assembly, inventory stock is adjusted automatically. Collected data are submitted to a centralized cloud location and are instantly available to all authorized employees.
tracking work in progress

track work in progress

Create Custom Workflows, Track Work In Progress On The Shop Floor With A Smartphone

Use mobile data collection module to manage production process and track work in progress.

  • Create custom workflows / processes via the web interface.
  • Define workflow steps, provide description / instructions for each step to guide your employees through the process.
  • Optionally select mobile form(s) that need to be filled out on each step. Make forms required or optional.
  • Employees in the field / on the factory floor will be able to fill out the form(s) and move project / product batches through the stages on site using a smartphone.
  • Review projects in progress, what step they are on, what had been done and forms that were filled out.
  • Review all projects that are currently in a specific workflow step.
  • Access detailed history of the current and past projects: dates, operations performed, employees who performed the operations, completed forms.
  • Filter data by multiple parameters to find required information fast.
track assemblies building

Track Assemblies Building Process And Finished Products

  • Scan QR code labels on the inventory and assets as you install them to build a custom assembly / project.
  • Use mobile forms to document every step of the project: project status, production details, etc.
  • Define what data do you want to keep track of for each project step via a web dashboard.
  • Track what is installed on the assembly, when, by whom, production details.
  • Track installed components by part number, lot number or by serial number. Trace all installed components back to their origin.
  • Track assemblies after they leave your shop: shipment to the customers, delivery, warranty service, maintenance and repairs.
  • Check assembly details by scanning QR code label with a smartphone.
wip and assembly tracking

Track Inventory, Raw Materials With Barcode / QR Code Scanning

  • Use smartphone and barcode / QR code scanning to keep track of raw materials that you purchase, created assemblies and sub-assemblies.
  • Generate and print QR code labels using QR Inventory built-in QR code generation tool, or use existing barcode labels if applicable.
  • Label and scan materials in as you receive them in the warehouse. Indicate where in the warehouse inventory is stored.
  • Get accurate real time reports on raw materials and finished goods stock and locations.
  • Scan inventory as you build assemblies and sub-assemblies - as you do, inventory and assemblies stock is automatically adjusted.
  • Account for the parts and materials used for each project.
  • Track materials by SKU, lot number / batch number or serial number. Achieve end-to-end traceability.
multi-level assemblies

Create Multi-Level Assemblies

  • Combine inventory items to create assemblies. Each lower level assembly can be included in the higher level assembly, producing multi-level assemblies.
  • Track assemblies and sub-assemblies in the same manner as the regular inventory items: scan QR code on the assembly to track its location and quantity.
  • As you create assemblies and sub-assemblies from the inventory items, inventory and assemblies stock is automatically adjusted.
  • Calculate how many assemblies you can produce from inventory on hand.
  • Create a list of parts and materials that you need to order and / or manufacture to produce a given number of assemblies.

See It For Yourself - Mobile Asset & Inventory Tracking In Action