Barcode Scanning Inventory Storage Tracking

Tracking Inventory In Storage, Pick Ups And Deliveries With Smartphone And QR Code Scanning

If you are in a storage / logistics business, use QR Inventory to track what you have in storage for each client, quickly locate client's containers in the warehouse, track how long they were stored. Track check in, check out, pick ups and deliveries.
tracking storage deliveries with qr codes

label items with qr codes

Organize Items In Storage, Label With QR Codes

  • Use QR Inventory built-in QR code generation tool to create, lay out and print QR code labels for customers' items.
  • As you pick up or check in an item, label it, scan QR code and enter all necessary information on a smartphone (customer details, location in the warehouse, etc.)
  • Define what information you want to track via the web dashboard. Custom fields that you created automatically appear in a smartphone application for employees to fill out.
  • Scan QR code label to access item information. See at a glance to whom this item belongs and other necessary details.
  • Check where customer's items are located, how long they have been in storage, transactions history, what items were picked up or delivered, and all other details at any time and on any device.
track items by scanning qr codes

Track Items Transactions & Deliveries

  • Record everything that is happening to the items in storage: relocation, pick up, delivery, etc. by scanning QR code label with a smartphone.
  • Create custom transaction types via a web dashboard. Track anything that your business workflow requires!
  • Review items' transaction history and current location of each item.
reports on storage and deliveries

Review Reports

  • Information on each item is stored in a secure cloud, and is accessible to authorized personnel from anywhere.
  • Use multiple reports and filters to produce exact information you need: list of items belonging to a specific customer and where each item is located, items that were picked up or delivered during a specific date range, check how long items had been in storage, what items you have in a specific location, etc.

See It For Yourself - Mobile Asset & Inventory Tracking In Action