Modern Inventory Management: QR Codes + NFC + Mobile Technology

Mobile Stocktaking, Physical Inventory Based On QR Code Scanning

mobile stocktaking and physical inventory count

mobile inventory count  

Use Smartphone For Taking Stock & Physical Inventory Count

  • Significantly reduce stocktaking time and improve accuracy! Take stock / do physical inventory count by scanning barcode or QR code labels on inventory with a smartphone.
  • Multiple employees can do stocktaking / inventory count at the same time in different parts of the warehouse, speeding up the process.
  • As an employee scans inventory, (s)he sees a running batch on a smartphone screen, can review and correct it before submitting to the server.
  • All scanned data are saved on the smartphone until submitted to the cloud - an employee can stop / resume at any time. No lost or misplaced information.
  • Scanned data are stored in a secure cloud. Authorized personnel can access real time reports on audit progress via a web based interface from anywhere.
control inventory count schedule  

Complete Control Of Inventory Count Schedule

  • Administrators have a complete control of inventory count schedule via a web dashboard.
  • Define when inventory count should start and end, in what location it is going to be performed, and whether it is a complete or cycle count.
  • Select which inventory groups should be counted for the cycle counts.
  • Need to do a small count by one employee? No problems - authorized employees can create ad-hoc audits right on their smartphone, complete a count and submit to the server.
inventory count reports  

Inventory Management Integration & Reports

  • After inventory count is completed, a system compares reported inventory with "on the books" inventory count and produces discrepancies report (list of missing or extra items).
  • If you are using physical inventory count portion as a stand-alone program (QR Audit) you can export inventory count from your inventory management or ERP software. If you are using it as a part of QR Inventory software, the current "on the books" inventory count is already there.
  • If there are discrepancies, you have an option to adjust current inventory level using physical count results. As inventory level is adjusted, corresponding inventory transactions are created, so you always have a complete accountability.
  • Export physical count or stock taking results for importing into your inventory management software, if applicable.
  • Get a detailed report on physical count results: list of items in the count location, raw data showing each submitted batch, date, time and an employee who submitted it, and discrepancies (missing or extra items).
  • Get statistics on missing inventory and monetary value of the loss for selected time periods.


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