Multi-Location Stock Control

Multi-Location Inventory Management With Barcode Scanning

Multi-location inventory management is a must for most businesses. Business inventory is really stored in one location. Instead, businesses may have multiple warehouses, may need to track inventory on the job sites, constructions sites, in different offices, on the clients' sites, in the service vans, etc. Knowing real time inventory stock in all locations, ability to quickly find the closest location that has required parts and materials is critical for the successful business operations. Using QR Inventory, your employees will be able to track inventory in real time accross multiple locations, in the field, warehouse or job site, by scanning barcode or QR code labels with a smartphone. Inventory data are stored in a centralized secure cloud location, and up-to-the-minute inventory information is available to all authorized employees, on the computers in the office and on the mobile devices in the field.
multi-location stock control

qr code scanning stock control

Use QR Code / Barcode Scanning To Track Inventory, Parts & Materials

  • Use smartphones as scanners to record inventory transactions in the field, warehouse, office or any other location where you store and use inventory.
  • No matter where your inventory is located, you can track it in real time - your employees always have a scanner in their pocket to record inventory transaction as it happens.
  • Save money on purchasing inventory tracking hardware, such as mobile computers and barcode scanners. Use regular smartphones for barcode scanning, data entry and look up.
  • All inventory transactions are stored in a secure cloud and are available to all authorized users in real time.
track inventory in multiple locations

Multi-Location Inventory Tracking

  • Track inventory in the permanent storage locations (e.g. warehouses), service vans, temporary job sites, clients' locations or with an employee.
  • Divide warehouses / locations into groups for easier management.
  • Create custom fields to store all required information about a warehouse.
  • Create QR codes for temporary locations, scan them in when performing an inventory transaction to avoid mistyping.
  • See at a glance current stock and recent inventory transaction for each warehouse or a different location type.
  • Receive low inventory alerts separately for each warehouse / location.
mobile forms

Create Custom Mobile Forms For Recording Inventory Transactions

  • Define what you want to track, record and report via a web dashboard.
  • Create custom inventory transaction types.
  • Define what you want to keep track of during inventory transaction (e.g. job number, project, client, etc.).
  • Track different custom parameters for different transaction types.
  • Custom fields that you created will automatically appear in a smartphone application for employees to fill out.
  • Capture images and attach to the inventory transaction for visual documentation.
  • Obtain an employee or customer signature if required.
  • Create pdf of a transaction receipt, that includes transaction data, captured signature and your company information and logo. View, print, e-mail pdf receipt from a smartphone.
real time inventory reports

Real Time Inventory Stock & Transactions Reports

  • Review reports on inventory count, locations, transaction history and usage.
  • Filter reports by multiple parameters, including custom fields that you had created.
  • Export reports.
  • GPS location of an inventory transaction is automatically captured and can be viewed on a map.

See It For Yourself - Mobile Asset & Inventory Tracking In Action