Modern Inventory Management: QR Codes + NFC + Mobile Technology

Mobile Asset Tracking Solution With QR Code / Barcode Scanning

mobile asset tracking

qr code labels for assets  

Organize & Label Assets

  • Create, lay out and print QR code labels for the assets.
  • Use existing barcode labels if they are available.
  • Bulk import assets into QR Inventory software, enter manually via the web interface or enter on a smartphone by scanning QR code / barcode label.
  • Define what information you want to store for the assets via the web interface.
  • Custom fields that you created will automatically appear on the web and mobile forms.

Use QR Code / Barcode / NFC Tags Scanning To Track Assets

  • Scan QR code / barcode label with a smartphone to track asset movements.
  • Create custom transaction types to track assets, such as check in, check out, send to repair, discard obsolete or demaged items.
  • Process high volume asset transactions fast using NFC tags scanning.
  • Use smartphones as scanners, which most employees already have and which are easy to carry around.
  • Save money on purchasing mobile asset tracking hardware, such as mobile computers, barcode scanners and label printers.

Track Assets In Multiple Locations

  • Track assets in multiple offices, client locations and assets assigned to an employee.
  • Create custom fields to store all required information about a location.
  • See at a glance list of assets and recent transactions for each location.
  • GPS location of an asset transaction is automatically captured and can be viewed on a map.
real time asset reports  

Real Time Assets Location, Movement And Count Reports

  • Check in real time where each asset is located and when is it due back, if applicable.
  • Check list of assets in each location.
  • Check assets movement history, view geographic locations of assets transactions on a map.
  • Filter reports by multiple parameters, including custom fields that you created.
  • Export reports.


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