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Mobile Asset Tracking & Inventory Management: Overview

QR Inventory inventory and asset management solution consists of two interconnected parts: mobile application (available for Android and iOS) and web interface.


Web interface is used to:
  Manage inventory items(add, update, delete, lookup / adjust on hand inventory)
  Generate and print QR Codes
  Create custom inventory transaction types that make sense for your business (e.g. sale, restocking, rent-out, check in, check out, transfer to a different location, send to repair, take out of inventory, etc., etc.)
  Create and control custom trackable properties for inventory transactions (e.g. client, project, sale channel, etc.)
  Create custom fields for assets and inventory items (e.g. item technical specs, energency procedures, url to pdf documentation) and upload image(s). Technicians / clients will be able to access this information by scanning QR code on the item with a smartphone.
  Run reports on inventory count, location, transactions, and usage. Select custom fields as filters for the reports (for example, how many parts were used for a specific project or client, or what was the total sales for each sale channel last month)
  Set reorder level for inventory items, and receive low inventory alerts
  Manage users of the system
  Manage inventory and assets storage locations
  Manage assemblies and kits


Mobile application (Android, iPhone or iPad) is used to:
  Record and submit inventory transactions by scanning QR code, or regular UPC barcode
  Select / enter custom properties while recording transaction
  Take photos within the application, and attach to asset or inventory transaction for visual documentation
  Add multiple items to a single transaction for the faster entry
   Check item stock, lookup up item information (such as tech specs, documentation) by scanning QR or UPC code, or entering code or item id
  Check components of assemblies / kits, lookup stock, check what items need to be ordered to built given number of assemblies


To understand better how QR Inventory works, check out QR Inventory tour, videos or sign up for a test drive.

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