Automate Tools & Equipment Maintenance With QR Codes + NFC

Mobile Asset Management, Inspection, Audits Using QR Codes & Mobile Forms

inspections, audit, service with mobile forms In field service operations, ability to keep track of assets and equipment maintenance often goes hand in hand with asset tracking and inventory management. QR Maintenance combines all inventory management and asset tracking functions of QR Inventory with asset maintenance based on mobile forms and QR codes or NFC tags.
mobile qr codes inspections, audits, services

Use Mobile Forms To Conduct Inspections & Maintenance

All field service operations: inspections, preventive maintenance, repair, audits require technician to fill out one or several forms. You waste a lot of money and work hours by filling out paper forms due to lost or misplaced information.
With QR Maintenance you will be able to create all forms that you need via the web interface, and link forms to equipment and tools. Field technicians will access correct form(s) on their smartphone by scanning QR code / NFC tag on the equipment. They will be able to fill form out on their mobile device, take and attach supporting images - and upload results to the server. Results become available and can be reviewed by office personnel in real time.

Store Maintenance Records In the Cloud, Access From Anywhere

Maintenance and repair records are securely stored in the cloud and are accessible by authorized personnel from anywhere. Unlike paper forms, you can easily search and sort the records, find required information fast and create statistics reports. No more misplaced or lost information!

Review Critical Information In The Field

Authorized personnel can access critical information on the tools and equipment: emergency procedures, supporting documentation, instructions, service history - on the spot, by scanning QR Code attached to the asset.

Access Maintenance and Repair Log

Technicians can record what was done during equipment or tool repair service, and access past maintenance and repair log on their mobile phone. Reduce service time and stop reinventing the wheel -- use solutions that already worked before.

Schedule Preventive Maintenance, Receive Alerts

Schedule custom alerts on the important dates, such as: when next inspection is due, when preventive maintenance is due, when asset warranty is expiring, etc. Specify when to receive alerts (a week in advance, a day in advance, etc.) and who will receive them.

Tools, Equipment and Materials Tracking

Check tools, equipment, assets in and out, record location, update information - all using only a smartphone. Information immediately becomes available to all autorized devices and web-based reports.
Track assets in multiple locations: warehouses, service vans, job sites, tool cribs. Review where your equipment and tools are and who has them in real time.

Track Parts, Materials and Consumables

Scan QR code on the tool and equipment and check what parts and supplies are compatable, their availability.

Mobile Asset Tracking & Maintenance: Preview

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