Modern Inventory Management: QR Codes + Cloud + Mobile Technology

Online Inventory Management Software, Web Based Asset Tracking

Cloud based, online asset tracking and inventory management system help businesses work more efficiently by allowing fast access to the real time asset and inventory information. All changes to assets and inventory can be entered in real time from anywhere and immeadiately become available to all authorized employees.


Inventory management and asset tracking only make sense if company employees can easily input and access all assets and inventory related information. Cloud based inventory management systems make it much easier then desktop ones.

online inventory management software

What Is Online (Cloud, Web-Based, SaaS) Inventory Software

Online means that you access inventory management software or asset tracking software via a web browser, no installation on your desktop computer is required. Online inventory management software is hosted by a vendor on a remote server and vendor takes care of server maintenance, security and back-ups. Your assets and inventory records are stored in the cloud and are accessible to all authorized users in your organization, which makes collaboration and data sharing much easier.

Why Would You Want To Use Cloud Inventory & Assets Management

Advantages of Online Inventory Management Software

  1. Assets and Inventory Data Accessibility
    All authorized employees in your organization have real time access to asset data, inventory stock, locations and movements. They can enter and review information from any computer or a tablet, outside of the office or warehouse. This is much more productive than having inventory management system installed on a desktop computer with a local access.

  2. Take Tracking Device To Inventory, Not Other Way Around
    You can use tablets to track inventory, monitor assets in multiple locations outside of the office: in the warehouse, on the factory floor, in the field, on the job sites or service vans. You can record stocktaking, inventory transfer, sale or disposal in real time, which results in much more accurate inventory counts.

  3. Outsourced Software Maintenance
    All inventory management software maintenance aspects (server administration, security, backups) are taken care of by the vendor. This is especially beneficial to small businesses who do not have dedicated system administrator on staff.

  4. Immediate Access To Updates and Bug Fixes
    If software package is popular and is being actively used, vendors are constantly adding new features based on the clients feedback. If you keep track of assets and inventory using online software, you get access to updates and bug fixes automatically. In other words, software that you are using is constantly improving.
    With desktop inventory management software, you may get updates once per year or none at all.

  5. Lower Upfront Cost
    As a rule, you will have significantly lower upfront cost for web based inventory management software than for desktop package with the same features and capabilities.

Why Wouldn't You Want To Use Cloud Assets And Inventory Management

Drawbacks of Online Inventory Management and Asset Tracking Systems

  1. Less Control
    Your assets and inventory data are stored in the cloud and are under control of a software vendor. Larger companies that have dedicated IT staff might feel that their data will be better protected on company's network. Sometimes company might be legally or contractually obligated to keep all internal data on their network.
    While this position can be justified for larger companies with experienced IT staff, small businesses' data will be more secure and easier to access if maintained by a vendor with expert IT personnel.

  2. Monthly / Yearly Fees
    Although you usually pay less upfront, you do need to pay monthly or yearly fees for online inventory tracking software. Over the time these fees can add up to more than you would spend to purchase the same software outright.
    However, you must keep in mind that you are getting not only inventory management software itself, but also service: server maintenance, security, back ups, software updates. Although not as evident, you will need to spend money (often, significantly more money) if you take responsibility for hosting - either by paying an outside consultant or your employees.

Middle Ground - Online Inventory Management Software Hosted On Your Network

Some software vendors will allow you to purchase online inventory tracking system for hosting on your network. This can be a good middle ground for companies who want or need to keep all their data on the corporate's network, but still want to take advantage of an online system: better data access and collaboration for employees, more accurate inventory stock locations and counts.

If, however, you do not already have necessary equipment and expertise within your company, hosting with the software vendor might be more efficient solution.


In our opinion, desktop inventory control systems, as well as desktop asset management software is a thing of the past. It may make some sense to purchase desktop version if

  1. You are a one person operation, your assets or inventory are not mobile (you only need to enter or look up data while in the office) and software installed on one desktop computer works well for you

  2. You are a large company with dedicated IT staff, want to keep all data under your control, and your situation is such that you do not need access to the software for your employees outside of the office.

In all other cases, you will gain more by using online inventory management or asset tracking software.



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Taking Assets And Inventory Under Control: Next Steps

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