Smartphones + QR Codes For Efficient Food Inventory & Traceability

Food Inventory Management And Traceability With Barcode Scanning

Traceability is a requirement for many food distribution and processing businesses. QR Inventory will help you track and trace food items efficiently by using smartphones for barcode scanning and data collection. Keep track of food suppliers, production process, and distribution, and easily trace product and its ingredients back to the origin through all intermediate steps. Define what do you need to track, record and report via a web dashboard.
food traceability

Track Produce & Raw Materials

Your inventory management and traceability program starts as you receive produce, food items and raw ingredients from the supplier or from the field into the storage location. Label containers with the pre-printed QR code label, scan QR code on the label and enter all batch information into the system on site, on a smartphone or tablet.
You define what data you want to record and keep track of. As a rule, you will want to record a supplier, or a field where produce was picked if you are a grower, harvest date, and receiving date. You may record any additional information which is important for your business and workflow.

Track Produce Through Packing, Storage, Production And Distribution

No matter what your business process is, QR Inventory will allow you to track produce through your entire process from receiving to shipping of the final product to the customer. Create custom transactions for tracking produce movement through the process, whether it is packing, moving to the storage location, production process steps if you are a food processor or manufacturer, shipping to a customer. Record transition of a product batch to the next step by scanning QR code label with a smartphone or tablet. Create custom mobile forms to enter all data associated with each production step: date, shift, and anything else you need to document and keep track of.

Mobile Data Access

Make sure that the right product batches are used for the next process step (e.g. the one that was received earlier, or the batch from a specific supplier) by giving your employees a tool to easily access batch information. Using QR Inventory mobile application your employees can access all data on a product batch by scanning QR code or barcode label. No need to use notes that can be easily misplaced or lost.

Track Ingredients Going Into The Final Product

If your final food product consists of the multiple ingredients, track lot number (batch number) of each ingredient that goes into the intermediate or final product. Use a smartphone to scan in batch numbers, avoid errors associated with the manual entry.

Produce Inventory

Record quantity of produce, other food ingredients and finished product as you receive, move, use or ship out items. Use mobile devices (smartphones or tablets) to scan QR codes or barcodes and process inventory transactions on site as they happen. Enter any additional information associated with the transaction: dates, storage location, supplier, customer, etc.
Check inventory stock and locations in real time on a smartphone or via a web dashboard. Make sure you always have adequate supplies: receive low inventory alert when inventory falls below re-order point.

Produce And Food Traceability

QR Inventory allows you to restore an entire production trail for any item. This includes all data recorded on each production step, as well as lot numbers of all ingredients and associated data for each lot number, if applicable. If there is a problem with any product batch, you can quickly find all other products from the same batch. Find list of customers to whom affected batch was shipped and when, if some items are still in storage and where exactly, or final products in which this batch was used. If you are a food processor or manufacture, use production trail to pinpoint a problem, whether it is related to the ingredient or to the production process, and quickly find other products that may be affected.


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