Job Shop Stock Control With QR Code Scanning

Stock & Inventory Control For Job Shops / Custom Manufacturing

QR Inventory gives your job shop a barcode scanning, BOM-capable stock control option. Use mobile devices (smartphones, tablets) for barcode scanning and mobile data collection to track custom manufacturing process from start to finish. Create assemblies, track and document project stages, materials that go into the finished goods.
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Track Raw Materials And Finished Goods

Track raw materials and parts that you produce for the custom projects by scanning QR code or barcode labels with a smartphone. Keep track of what you have, where everything is located, and what project materials and parts are used for. Calculate what you need to order or produce for a specific project.

Create Assemblies & Sub-Assemblies

Create multi-level assemblies. Track assemblies and sub-assemblies in the same manner as you track materials and inventory: know how many you have, where they are located, how many more you need for a project and how they were used. As you build sub-assemblies and higher level assemblies, materials and parts that you are using are automatically removed from inventory.

Track Installed Parts By ID Or Serial Number

Sometimes you need to know which specific part is installed on which assembly (e.g. you may want to track which specific engine was installed on a machine, and track back its history). In this situation you can track installed parts individually by serial number. Any time customer calls you for support, you can immediately figure out which machine he has and what parts are installed on it.
Parts that do not need this level of details (e.g. bolts and nuts) are tracked by item ID.

Track Work In Progress

Track progress as you install and remove parts on the high level assembly (customer project). Check in real time what is already installed, when and by whom either via the web interface or by scanning QR code on the assembly with a smartphone.

Product Status Tracking And Traceability

Track all steps of the project. Create quality control and inspection forms to document every stage of the manufacturing process.
Track batch / lot number of raw materials and all intermediate products. Record all needed information for each batch used in the manufacturing process, (PO, supplier, delivery date, etc., etc.). Access all information on the materials that went into the finished goods, data on the building process and documentation on quality control for each product you produced.


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