Remote Inventory Management For Oil And Gas Industry

Inventory and Asset Management for Oil and Gas Companies

Track oilfield assets and inventory on site using just a regular smartphone. Scan QR code, barcode or NFC tag to obtain asset information, check asset in or out, record inventory transactions or look up stock. Get real time access to the critical asset and inventory information from anywhere.

Track Assets And Inventory In Remote Locations

Oil & Gas companies usually have assets and inventory in multiple locations (drilling rigs, warehouses, field storage sites). Some locations are permanent, others are temporary and may change over time (e.g. drilling sites). Using QR Inventory, you can track assets, inventory, materials and supplies at all locations, and seamlessly transfer inventory between them.

Mobile Application Designed For The Field Operations

Instead of purchasing mobile computers and barcode scanners, your field technicians can use their own or company smartphone (running iOS or Android) to review asset information, check inventory stock and location, or record inventory transaction. QR Inventory supports barcodes, QR codes or NFC tags.

Cloud Based Admin Interface

Access accurate inventory and assets snapshot at all locations from any computer or a mobile device via admin web based interface. Review reports on inventory counts, movement, and usage trends.

Automatic GPS Location Of Inventory Transaction

QR Inventory automatically saves GPS location of asset or inventory transaction. Administrator / manager can review transactions filtered by custom parameters on the map via web-based admin area.

Custom Mobile Forms

Create custom mobile forms via the web interface so that technicians could record all necessary information.

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