Manage Your Lab Supplies And Products With QR Inventory

Lab Inventory Management: Cloud Software With Mobile Application

Manage your lab inventory using QR codes and NFC tags and a smartphone. Track locations and quantity of samples and lab materials, expiration dates, usage, and any other custom parameters you may need. Locate required materials in seconds, receive alerts when you need to order more.

Manage Lab Inventory By Using QR Codes and Smartphone

Manage lab samples and raw materials, as well as lab-made products by scanning QR code / barcode / NFC tags on the items with a smartphone. Record materials use, production, transfer. Keep track of all needed details: for what procedure material was used, how much of it, who performed a procedure, notes, etc.

Track Lab Samples Weight Or Volume

Track what part of a sample was used for a procedure. Check remaining volume or weight by scanning QR code or NFC tag.

Access Lab Sample Details

Create custom fields to hold all necessary information on the sample which an employee may need to know before using it. Authorized personnel will be able to access this information at any time by scanning sample's label with a smartphone. Adjust / change information via the web interface as needed.

Easy Initial Entry and Labeling

Use pre-printed QR code labels to label and scan in new samples using a smartphone. The number on the label will be automatically associated with the sample you scanned.

Inventory, Locations and Usage Reports

Access real time inventory, samples and materials location, transaction history and usage trends via web based administrative dashboard.

Instant Access To Lab Analysis

Let your employees and clients access sample analysis by scanning QR code or NFC tag with a smartphone. Fast and efficient!

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