Traceability, Workflow Management And Digital Records For Labs

Laboratory Inventory Management, Traceability And Workflow Software With Barcode Scanning And Mobile Forms

When the lab tests samples or produces new materials, it needs to track the whole process from start to finish: reagents and materials that were used, lot numbers, what was done on each workflow step, serial numbers of containers and instruments, record quality control and tests results. The paper trail of the process should be preserved and be easily accessible. QR Inventory makes tracking workflow and keeping digital records of the process easy and efficient. You can keep track of everything and collect data on site, in real time, using regular smartphones for barcode scanning, recording information and filling out mobile forms and checklists. All collected records are stored in a centralized cloud location, are searchable by multiple parameters and are accessible on demand from anywhere.

Laboratory Inventory Management And Traceability

Manage inventory of raw materials. Track lot numbers of materials that were used for the intermediate and final products.

Manage Lab Inventory With QR Code Or Barcode Scanning

Track use of lab inventory in real time by scanning QR code / barcode label with a smartphone. Keep accurate count of materials stock and locations. Access real time inventory count on a mobile device or via a web dashboard.

Track Lab Samples Weight Or Volume

Track what part of a sample was used for a procedure. Check remaining volume or weight by scanning QR code / barcode label.

Lab Materials And Samples Traceability

Track what goes into each sample batch using a smartphone and barcode scanning. Automatically remove materials that are used for the batch from inventory. Create generic materials list for the batches. Scan lot number / serial number of the material used against the list when creating the batch. Restore the complete history of each batch, including equipment used and lot lot numbers of the materials.

Tracking Lab Samples Through The Process

Collect and record all necessary data as sample moves through the lab process. Use smartphones and QR code scanning for real time data collection. Eliminate physical paperwork and keep accurate records, accessible to all authorized employees in real time.

Define Lab Process Via The Web Dashboard

Create custom workflows / processes via a web dashboard. Create steps of the process, and what data should be collected on each step. Also, optionally provide instructions for each step to guide lab technicians through the process.

Track Lab Samples Through The Process Using Smartphones And QR Code Scanning

Track each sample through the process, and collect additional information on each step as needed (equipment used, raw materials, what was done, notes, etc.). You can collect information through QR code scanning (e.g. scan equipment used in the process, scan reagents used on each step), as well as manual input (describe the procedure, notes, etc.). Use custom mobile forms to collect information.
Add image(s) to the process, collect signatures and create custom formatted PDF reports.

Track And Update Sample Information

Create custom fields to hold the base information about each sample. These data can be accessed by scanning sample QR code with a smartphone. If you need to add data to the sample that are not related to a specific process step, you can do it at any time on a smartphone or via a web dashboard.

Mobile Forms: Go Paperless For Finished Product Testing & Quality Control

Eliminate physical paperwork for quality control and testing. Record all data digitally using a smartphone, submit completed records to a centralized cloud storage location. Give access to the records to all authorized users in real time. Make sure that all records are in order, nothing is misplaced or lost. Find needed information fast using multiple filters.

Review Samples In Progress And Each Process History

Sample data collected using a smartphone are submitted to a centralized cloud location, and are available to all authorized users in real time. Review current process and samples in progress, quality control and testing results.
Access past records from anywhere, use multiple search filters to quickly find required records. Review history of each sample, steps it went through, dates, employees involved, what equipment was used, what materials and batch numbers, notes, collected data and filled out forms.
Create custom formatted pdf reports for clients, internal reviews and / or controllers.

Lab Equipment Management

Make sure all lab equipment is accounted for and is well maintained.

Organize, Label And Keep Track Of The Lab Equipment

Make sure that your lab equipment is in a good shape and is accounted for. Organize and label equipment using QR Inventory built-in QR code generation, layout and printing tool. Record all necessary information on the equipment (manufacturer, warranty expiration, when it was purchased, etc., etc.). Access this information by scanning QR Code label with a smartphone, or on the computer. Set reminders and receive automatic notification for important dates (e.g. when warranty is about to expire, or calibration is due).

Manage Lab Equipment Maintenance & Repairs

Keep track of lab equipment calibration, maintenance, service and repairs using a smartphone and custom mobile forms.

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