Inventory Management For Healthcare Industry

Inventory Management Software For Clinics And Hospitals

Mobile devices make inventory management for hospitals and clinics accurate, efficient and real time. Use regular smartphones or tablets and QR code scanning to manage medical supplies (such as medicine or disposables), as well as equipment and assets (such as stretchers, wheelchairs, beds). Monitor location, patient, procedure and other necessary information. Keep track of required tasks for hospital assets, such as preventive maintenance or cleaning. Do it all on the hospital floor as events happen, using mobile devices for barcode / QR code scanning, information look up and data entry.

Keep Track Of Medical Supplies

Manage medical supplies (medicine, disposables, etc.) by scanning manufacturer barcode or QR code with a smartphone. Get an accurate real time count, get alerts when supplies are running low or approaching expiration date. Keep track of inventory usage by patient, procedure, provider or any other parameters you need.

Monitor Medical Devices & Equipment

Track medical devices and equipment: their location, usage and history of repairs and maintenance. Create custom reminders and receive automatic alerts when preventive maintenance or routine inspection is due.

Manage Hospital Assets (Wheelchairs, Stretchers, Beds, etc.)

Track inspections and required procedures (e.g. cleaning) for hospital assets. Record when a procedure was performed by scanning QR code on the item, get an alert when the next one is due.

Mobile Application To Track Assets, Inventory & Procedures

Your personnel does not need to carry around scanners or mobile computers to monitor supplies usage, record equipment maintenance or procedures. They can use their own smartphone or tablet running iOS or Android.

Custom Mobile Forms

Create custom mobile forms to record assets maintenance and procedures via the web interface. Include all information you need - and it will appear in the mobile application for your staff to fill out. Submitted mobile forms are stored in a secure cloud, and are available to all authorized users in real time.

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