Modern Inventory Management For Craft Breweries

Brewery Inventory Management: Online Software With QR Code Scanning

QR Inventory utilizes new technologies: QR codes, mobile, cloud, smartphones - to make brewery inventory management process efficient and affordable.

  • Use QR code or barcode scanning to eliminate manual entry errors and to process inventory transactions fast.
  • Use smartphones for QR code scanning and data collection. No need to spend money on purchasing special hardware, and all transactions can be easily recorded in real time as they happen.
  • Keep a record of all information important to your brewery operation process - define what do you want to track, record and report via a web dashboard.
  • All collected information is sent to a secure cloud and is available to all authorized users in real time.
  • Cloud hosting eliminates headache of purchasing and maintaining your own server, and ensures that you get timely software updates.

Manage Brewery Inventory, From Raw Materials To Bottled And Kegged Beer

Track beer inventory, including bottled and kegged beer, as well as raw materials inventory (hop, malt, yeast, etc.) by scanning QR code label on the packaging or keg. Get a real time view of current warehouse(s) inventory and inventory in production, as well as inventory flow history and volumes. Transfer inventory between watehouses. Set re-order level and receive low inventory alerts globally and by warehouse - make sure you always have optimum supplies of ingredients and finished product.

Keep A Record Of All Important Information

Utilize QR Inventory's custom fields to keep all information that you need on record. Create custom mobile forms that employees get on their smartphones and fill out when performing an inventory transaction. You can have different forms for different transactions. All forms are optional - you decide which information to collect at what stage of the process, what to save and include in the reports.

Batch Processing Of Inventory Transactions

Fill out mobile form that accompany inventory transaction once, than scan all items to include in the transaction and submit. No need to create a separate transaction for each keg or case.

Track Beer Kegs Through The Brewery Production Cycle

Scan QR code / barcode / NFC tag on the beer keg with a smartphone to track beer kegs through the entire production cycle: from cleaning to refilling area to warehouse, distributor and returning back to the brewery. Web dashboard provides a real time view of the kegs: where each keg is located, what style of beer it is filled with, its life-time movements history, how long it had been at the current location. Receive alerts if keg is not returned on time, reduce kegs loss.

Raw Materials Demand And Production Estimates

Create table of ingredients required to produce a unit (e.g. barrel) of beer for each beer style. Calculate how many units you can produce from the raw materials currently available in the inventory. Create a list of materials that you need to order for a desired production output (e.g. what do you need to order to produce X barrels of beer A).

Track Beer Batches

Track each batch of beer from start to finish: which ingredients were used, production steps and dates, and how it was distributed (whether it was bottled, kegged and to what customer(s) did it go). Define what exactly do you want to track for each batch via the web interface, use smartphones to collect required information on site. Achieve full batch control and traceability. Easily locate when and where beer from a specific batch was distributed. Break down warehoused beer inventory by production date, see which batch should get out of the warehouse first.

Purchase Orders & Invoicing

Use accounting module of QR Inventory to automatically generate purchase orders, track materials delivery and generate invoices based on the inventory transactions.


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