Mobile Asset And Inventory Tracking For Property Management

Asset And Inventory Tracking For Property Management Companies

You need mobile devices to track inventory and assets stored and used for each of your rental properties on site in real time. QR Inventory allows your employees to use their own smartphones and tablets for this purpose. You get updates in real time, and save money on purchasing special inventory management hardware for each field employee.
Technicians can use their own smartphones to scan QR code or barcode on assets and inventory to check asset information, look up inventory stock, record inventory usage or fill out a mobile form. You can create any mobile form: property inventory checklist, property inspection form, task completion form or any other custom form that you need in your business. Collected data are send to a secure cloud and are accessible to all authorized users in real time.

Track Assets In The Rental Properties

Have an accurate picture of the assets in the rental properties at all times. Identify missing assets.

Track assets in the rental properties by scanning QR code, barcode or NFC tag with a smartphone. Do asset audits using QR code scanning, identify missing, damaged or misplaced assets. Record asset conditions by taking photo(s) using QR Inventory mobile application. Monitor what is sent to repair, what the problem is and when an asset is due back.

Property Inspections And Reports

Create property check in, check out, property inspection, damaged assets reports on site using mobile forms. Submit to a centralized cloud location for instant access by all authorized employees.

Use mobile data collection module to create custom forms for accessing property conditions at check in and check out, conduct property inspection, or do assets checklist. Submit a report on damaged or missing assets.
Create forms via the web dashboard, and your employees will have these forms on their smartphones to fill out and submit on the property site. Reports may include image(s) documenting property conditions, that employees can take with their smartphones and attach to the report. Collect electronic signature from the customer if necessary.
Reports are sent to a centralized cloud storage and are accessible via the web administrative dashboard in real time.

Property Maintenance Checklist

Make sure your maintenance team performs all the tasks, and have a tool to keep track of what is done.

Make sure that your property maintenance team performs all necessary tasks and can provide timely report on the property conditions. Use mobile data collection module to create property inspection / maintenance checklists, and your employees will access this checklist on site on their mobile devices by scanning property QR code label. Ensure that your employees perform each task correctly - add description and / or image for each task to clarify what exactly needs to be done.
As each task is completed, an employee will check it off, and optionally can add comments and / or images. Completed checklist is submitted to a centralized cloud location, and is immediately available to the office employees.

Manage Supplies and Inventory

Always have an accurate picture of supplies and inventory, and how they are used. Receive alerts when you are low on supplies.

Manage supplies and inventory that you use for the property repairs, renovations, cleaning, etc. Track what was used for each property, by each employee. Receive low inventory alerts when supplies are running low. Review usage statistics and financial reports.

Stock Information Access For The Field Employees

Give field employees real time access to inventory stock and locations.

Technicians can check real time inventory stock and location on the job, while they are working on the property repairs or renovation, by scanning QR code (barcode, NFC tag) with a smartphone. If they need something, they can always get the required material in the closest location. They can also send a reservation request to warehouse manager to hold supplies and materials that they need for a job.

Multiple Inventory Locations

Track inventory in multiple location, transfer between locations if needed.

Track inventory stored in multiple locations: warehouse, technicians' vans, at various properties. Technician on the job can quickly identify location and quantity of needed inventory or supplies by scanning QR code / barcode / NFC tag on the item with a smartphone.

Web-Based Access To Reports And Statistics

Access assets, inventory, inspections and maintenance reports from anywhere.

Administrative web dashboard allows authorized personnel to access assets and inventory status, locations, movement history, usage and costs from any computer or mobile device. Review submitted maintenance and inspection forms and checklist. Edit submitted forms if needed, or fill out "office only" part. Create and e-mail pdf reports.

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