Modern Inventory Management: QR Codes + NFC + Mobile Technology

Assemblies & Kits: Manage and Track With QR Codes / Smartphone

Assemblies and kits module of QR Inventory allows you to manage and track components - based items (assemblies and kits) using QR codes / NFC tags and a smartphone.

Kits are items that consist of several components that usually stay together and are used as one unit, such as a toolbox or a first aid kit.

Assemblies are items that are put together from other inventory items on demand, for example when a unit is ordered or needs to be installed at a customer location.

Create assemblies and kits via intuitive web interface.

Create and update kits and assemblies via the web interface by adding / removing items from your inventory.

Check Kit Components

Scan QR code / NFC tag on a kit with a smartphone and find out kit contents on the spot. Use this option to check if all components are in place when kit is checked in or out, inspect kits and replace missing items.

Check Required Inventory and Create An Order List

Find out how many assembly units you can build out of the items currently in inventory, and see at a glance what items and how many of each you need to order to build specified number of assembly units.
Check required inventory on the computer or a smartphone, by scanning QR Code, without typing anything. See detailed stock information on the assembly components with one click. Break down total quantity by warehouse, location and by any other custom property(ies) you chose to keep track of.

Track Assembly Builds

Keep track of how many assembly units were build, by whom, what type, for what customers, how many inventory items were used, what was the cost, etc. Create multiple report types on assembly - related inventory transactions and usage statistics.

Track Work In Progress

Keep track of work in progress: what is installed on the assembly, what needs to be installed, dates and work history.

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