BOM Inventory Software: Inventory Management With Bill Of Materials (BOM)

Manage Bill Of Materials (BOM), track building of complex multi-level assemblies on the shop floor with smartphones and barcode scanning. Use QR Inventory mobile application for the real time manufacturing process tracking.

QR Inventory Bill Of Materials: Assemblies & Kits Module

  • Create Bill Of Materials (BOM) from your existing parts and components online.
  • Use created BOM in the mobile application to track building of the complex, multi-level assemblies on the shop floor.
  • As you build assemblies, they are automatically added to your inventory, and used parts, components and materials are subtracted from the inventory.
  • Track manufacturing process for the serialized, built-on-demand assemblies, and generic assemblies.
  • Complete serialized assemblies traceability: scan in lot numbers / serial numbers of the components that are used for each serialized assembly against a generic composition list.
  • Track assemblies through the manufacturing process and optionally after delivery to a customer (if you do warranty service or maintenance).
  • All tracking is done on the shop floor in real time. Use smartphones and QR Inventory mobile application for barcode scanning, data entry and look up.
  • Authorized users can access live status of everything in production, detailed history of the past projects and traceability information on demand via the web dashboard.

Manage Bill Of Materials

Manage bill of materials (BOM) via the web interface. Search, add, update parts and components from the inventory to create bill of materials. Use bill of materials to calculate how many generic assemblies you can build from the inventory on hand, and what do you need to order to build a specified number of assemblies.

Track Assembly Process On The Shop Floor Using Mobile Application And Barcode Scanning

Track building of generic and serialized assemblies on the shop floor in real time. Use smartphone and QR Inventory mobile application to scan parts and components that are added to the assembly. As you build assemblies, inventory level is automatically adjusted to reflect used materials. Keep track of how many assemblies were built, when and by whom.

Create Complex Multi-Level Assemblies

Create complex multi-level assemblies. Assemblies BOM can include individial parts, components and materials, as well as sub-assemblies. Sub-ssemblies, in turn, can include lower level sub-assemblies, etc. Drill down sub-assemblies to check their composition, up to the individual parts and components.

Build Serialized Assemblies Against A Composition List

Create a generic composition list that can be applied to multiple serialized assemblies that have the same composition. When physically building a serialized assembly, scan lot number / serial number of the components and materials used in each serialized assembly. You can build an assembly gradually, in miltiple steps - at each step a shop floor employee can scan a QR code on the assembly to see it's composition, what is already added, and which components still need to be installed.

You can also build ad-hoc assemblies without the composition list. Scan components that you are installing on the assembly and enter quantity of each component manually.

Mix and match both methods based on your specific workflow and business requirements.

Track Assemblies Through The Manufacturing Process And After Delivery To The Client

Track assemblies through the entire life-cycle. Track assembly building process and workflow steps, assemblies storage, delivery to the clients, and if applicable all events after the delivery (e.g. warranty repairs, maintenance). Review all assembly details: composition, when it was built and selivered, serial numbers and lot numbers of the installed components, past service history, etc. Review assembly details via a web dashboard or on site by scanning QR code label on the assembly with a smartphone.

Track Work In Progress

Track work in progress for the unique, built on demand assemblies. Review components installed on the assembly, dates and work history. Collect all data that you need for the proper documentation using custom mobile forms.

Materials And Production Process Traceability

Track assembly components by batch numbers or serial numbers, trace all components back to their origin. Use smartphones for data entry on the shop floor, barcode or QR code scanning. Scan in lot numbers and serial numbers to speed up the process and eliminate manual entry errors. Add mobile data collection module, and use custom mobile forms and a smartphone to document production process details on each step, fill out quality control forms when applicable.

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