Modern Inventory Management:
QR Codes + Mobile Technology

Use Mobile Phones to Manage Inventory and Assets!

Managing millions of dollars worth of assets and inventory. Efficient way to keep stock under control.
Online assets and inventory management system with an option to track equipment service / maintenance.

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Track Inventory & Assets Anywhere With Your Smartphone
No need to buy expensive scanners and connect them to computers. Scan barcodes or QR codes by iPhones or Android mobile phones.
Simple and Affordable
Avoid complexity and expense of traditional inventory management systems. QR Inventory is a modern mobile system with cloud-based back-end.
Scalable and Customizable
Customize all information you need to be recorded and reported. Use web interface to customize forms, and Android / iOS clients will have these fields available for recording inventory.
Fit For Your Business
You can create custom transaction types, custom trackable properties and custom fields, making QR Inventory a perfect fit your business.
Efficient Data Entry
Add multiple items to the same transaction and submit once - no need to create a separate transaction for each asset or inventory item.
Customizable Reports
Multiple reports on inventory count, locations, transactions and usage. Filter reports by custom properties, producing all needed information.
Integrate With Anything
We have modules that connect QR Inventory to QuickBooks® and Intacct®. We will help you integrate QR Inventory with practically any internal system and software.
Use QR Codes or Regular UPC Barcodes
Generate and print QR codes for your assets and inventory using our QR code generation tool, or use manufacturer's barcodes.
Real Time Processing
Processed inventory and asset transactions are immediately available to all authorized devices.
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