Web Based Inventory
With QR Codes

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Modern Inventory Management: QR Codes + Mobile Technology

Web Based Inventory & Asset Management With QR Codes / Smartphone

Modern, lightweight yet powerful qr codes based mobile inventory management software for small and medium-size business

Track Inventory & Assets Anywhere With Your Smartphone
No need for traditional barcode scanners - scan barcodes or QR codes by regular smartphones running iOS or Android.
Simple and Affordable
Avoid complexity and expense of traditional inventory management systems. QR Inventory is a modern mobile system with cloud-based back-end.
Scalable and Customizable
Customize all information you need to be recorded and reported. Use web interface to customize forms, and Android / iOS clients will have these fields available for recording inventory.
Integrate With Anything
We will help you integrate QR Inventory with your internal systems and software.

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Asset & Inventory Tracking Q and A sessions

Asset & Inventory Tracking: Q&A Sessions

Are you prepared to take your assets and inventory under control? New mobile and QR code technologies make top-of-the-line inventory management accessible and rewarding for small and medium businesses. Once you are ready to start, you might have questions. We will try to answer them.
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